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Our Premium finish gives surfaces an architectural refinement supassing anything else on the market, with technical and esthetic properties prized by professionals. it is made with a proven process using two concrete mixes, the upper portion having a finer composition allowing for a smooth, low-maintenance surface. this unique finish gives the surface a color fastness and wear-resistance that greatly exceed industry standards.

grenart finish

The dimpled texture of this gritty finish highlights the grains of noble and natural aggregates. The texture arises from a unique process providing your projects with both a nonslip surface and an elegant urban appearance.

smooth finish

This finish is soft and smooth to the touch, giving an even surface with very little roughness. Because of the finer mix used for the concrete, the finish is tight.

patinart finish

This finish brings out the product's stony texture at all times of the day and gives it a weatherworn appearance.

antique finish

This finish gives the product a natural timeworn look.

regular finish

This classical finish comprises small and large aggregates. The surface results from the standard industry manufacturing process.

Carved finish

This chiseled finish evokes slate. Its surface features and subtle hues have a natural effect that adds warmth to the surroundings.


With their split-face surfaces and uneven textures, these products evoke ancient stonework.



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Product Advisor

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