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Blogs - Design Ideas

Visit our blogs to learn more about concrete landscaping products (pavers, slabs, wallstones, steps, curbs).

August 1st 2023

Seven Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Landscaper

When undertaking an outdoor landscaping project, you want to make sure that the landscaper you hire is competent and that they will meet your needs and expectations.

July 1st 2023

The Secret to a Beautiful and Practical Backyard: Creating Zones with Concrete Products

In any backyard, there are usually many elements that must be spread out in the space--but, how do you make it all look good? Our secret to creating a practical and elegant backyard is to use zoning. In this blog post, we'll show you a number of ways to use this technique with our concrete products.

May 24th 2023

Five Trending Elements to Add to Your Landscape Design in 2023

The backyard has evolved into a real living space where people can relax and enjoy the fresh air. To get the most out of your outdoor space, you must create a practical and aesthetic design.

May 18th 2023

Top 12 Most Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

Landscaping is a key part of turning an outdoor area into a fun and relaxing place to hang out. From the design and construction work to the use of high-quality materials, every part of making a unique and beautiful landscape is important.

April 27th 2023

Top Five of the Hottest Outdoor Kitchen Trends in 2023

The outdoor kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most coveted features among BBQ enthusiasts. This outdoor space is becoming more and more important in backyards and offers you everything you need to pursue your culinary passion while enjoying the fresh air.

April 25th 2023

Ten Ideas for a Great In-Ground Pool Design

Is there anything better than relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day? An in-ground pool can turn any outdoor space into a peaceful oasis.

August 26th 2022

When the classical style beckons in your front yard!

Choosing the right materials for your front yard that blends in with the whole may seem difficult. How can you achieve a classical style façade that fits with the rest of your home?

March 14th 2022

4 trends to adopt for your landscaping project in 2022

Planning a landscaping project in 2022? Before you get started, familiarize yourself with four trends that are sure to be all the rage this year.

September 13th 2021

Discover the top three most popular Bolduc product lines

Do you have a landscaping project in mind? In order to provide you with as much inspiration as possible for the creation of your dream yard, we present today our three most popular product lines that will suit all tastes and styles of projects.

June 14th 2021

Mixing textures: the key to a modern and dynamic design

Are you planning to landscape or redesign your yard this summer? Let us introduce you to a 2021 landscaping trend that you'll probably want to consider for your outdoor spaces: mixing textures.

March 16th 2021

Get inspired by our Citadin product range!

Do you prefer a classic, nature, authentic or contemporary style for your outdoor spaces? If you answered classic or contemporary, let us introduce our Citadin range, our concrete products of choice for projects of these styles. Let us inspire you with a few sublime landscapes that feature the products!  


February 18th 2021

8 new products to add to your landscaping project in 2021

Are you planning on undertaking a landscaping project this year? To provide you with as much inspiration for the design of your dream yard, we have decided to introduce to you 8 new trendy products to incorporate into your future project.

November 25th 2020

Our top 5 favourite projects from the summer of 2020

Even though the summer of 2020 was a challenging one for many, it's fair to say that the weather was kind to us despite everything. Since this summer's hot destination was the backyard, many of you took this opportunity to give yours a makeover. The result: a ton of beautiful projects built with our concrete products! Here are our 5 favourites.

July 17th 2020

4 tips to create a driveway that stands out

The driveway is often overlooked in landscape design. However, it plays an important role in the overall appearance of your home: it's essentially the first impression we get of the property. With that in mind, investing in a standout design can become very profitable. Here are our 4 tips to create a remarkable driveway in your front yard.

June 23th 2020

4 essentials to create intimacy in your backyard

Don't you just love relaxing in your backyard and enjoying all of its amenities during the summer time? We can all agree that it is even more enjoyable to do so when you have total privacy! Is your backyard currently out in the open for everyone to see? Here are 4 simple and accessible essentials that could help you fix the issue.

May 19th 2020

5 secrets for an inviting outdoor dining area

We are all patiently awaiting the first gorgeous summer days to finally get to enjoy a bit of outdoor fun: happy hours, BBQ's, outdoor dinner parties... so exciting! What's a not-so-secret way to make those memorable moments even more enjoyable? An outdoor area worthy of the occasion! In this article, we're revealing 5 secrets for an inviting outdoor dining area.

April 20th 2020

6 Tips to Ace Your Landscaping Project

If you're anything like us, your landscaping project is a way to turn your dream into reality! No matter the scale, each little detail counts.

Our best advice to ace your landscaping project? Take the time to plan it out! It will reflect exactly what you want, while giving you what you need in the space you have. Here are 6 tips to ace your project!

March 11th 2020

8 new products to add to your landscaping project this summer

Spring is coming! Here at Bolduc, spring inevitably rhymes with the start of the landscaping season. Whatever your plans may be, we have put together this blog article to provide you with a maximum of inspiration before undertaking your landscaping project. Here are 8 of our new products you can use for your landscaping project this summer!

November 20th 2019

Trends in landscaping : our favourites of summer 2019

With the holidays approaching, this marks the end of another beautiful season here at Bolduc. Once again this year, our products were featured in countless projects all across the country. Amongst all of these, some have definitely caught our eye more than others. Here are our top 5 favourites from this summer.

September 5th 2019

5 must-haves to create a zen vibe in your backyard

Stop, think for a minute and imagine yourself relaxing in your backyard. What do see around you? A waterfall, plants, a crackling fire? How relaxing! Indeed, elements such as these can help create a zen vibe that's fit for relaxation. That's why we have compiled a list of 5 must-haves to create the perfect relaxation area in your yard!

March 12th 2019

7 new products to use for your next landscaping project

Winter is coming to a close and Spring is fast approaching! The arrival of Spring means many will soon begin to work on their landscaping project. It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly what we wish to recreate in our yard and what products we should use. In this article, we present our new products and trends to provide inspiration for your own landscaping project, whether it is a driveway, terrace, pool deck, BBQ corner or any other outdoor space!

June 28th 2018

How to turn your backyard into barbecue heaven

How about that outdoor living? Summer lovers, this new trend is for you! This landscaping style lets you get the most out of summer by planning for everything you need: patio, bar, dining area and even a kitchen so that you can enjoy the sun and fresh air.

May 18th 2016

Discover the organic beauty of a decor in a harmony of natural colors


Your hectic weeks does not give you much chance to sit down a moment and breathe. We know it all too well: the office calls you at home, too much overtime, kids coming and going, groceries shopping for everyone, cooking duties, the dog, cat or both running around, your mother-in-law incessantly inquiring about the children, and no one has taken out the garbage yet. It's endless. When can we grab a moment to enjoy the outdoors?  Read more 




May 4th 2016

Creating an Art of Living for today's world


Do you want a noticeable outdoor layout that has character? A contemporary style might just be the answer. The signature of a contemporary landscape design is its break from run-of-the-mill standards and trends. Basically, step out of ordinary with a singular living environment. Read more 


April 1st 2016

Unique Textures, Signed Bolduc

Bolduc offers a unique texture with a Grenart finish  also offers the Patinart Finish. Read more 

July 13th 2015

Today's trends in landscaping


Today?s trends are clean design, contemporary architecture, large, open spaces and simple, uncluttered shapes. Read more 




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