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Upgrading your yard: where to begin?

April 25, 2022

Landscaping conjures images of all new construction! But what about upgrades? Is it worthwhile to upgrade your yard? The answer is: absolutely!

Why upgrade your yard? 

A quality landscaping job rewards you with an environment fully adapted to you, your significant other, and your family. It also adds value to your property. A well-planned renovation project will structure your yard to your tastes and can even address important structural needs, such as retaining walls for sloped grounds, steps to access the property, driveways, and entrances. Basically, a yard upgrade means you get to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest from your little corner of paradise and soak in the summer rays with your loved ones.

Now that you know the advantages, where should you begin to make the yard of your dreams a reality?

Upgrading your yard: a five-step plan

1. Define your needs

Start by defining your and your family?s short and long-term needs. What installations do you need now and what will your future needs be: patio, kitchen, pool, spa, dining area, play area for the kids, area to relax, vegetable garden, raised beds? It is prudent to contemplate minor changes that may be desirable over time, such as converting the play area into a relaxation area once the kids are grown up.

After determining what to integrate into your yard, consider how much time you can devote to maintaining it. This will help you wisely select the right materials and vegetation. Don?t forget that gardening and mowing the lawn can become a chore if you don?t have the time for it. After all, you want take advantage of your yard, not spend hours and hours maintaining it.

2. Set your budget

This step will help you prioritize! Upgrading your yard can be a big investment, so consider doing it in stages to spread out the cost. Good budgeting will help you realistically schedule your project over time. Our estimation tool will give you an idea as to the amounts to set aside for the various aspects of a landscaping project. 

- Important documents and informationTo avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary additional expenses, find out what permits you need to carry out your project and what municipal regulations apply. Also make sure you have your certificate of location handy and know the location of underground structures such as gas lines and electrical wiring.


3. Get inspired

When seeking inspiration, bear one thing in mind: upgrading your yard can be a very long-term investment. It is important that you will be happy with your choices over the next twenty or even thirty years. To do so, begin by identifying the style you love. Is it classical, contemporary, natural or exotic? Then load up on ideas relevant to your preferred style: shapes, colours, arrangements of materials, access ways (walkways, stepping stones,  pebbled lanes, fences) and various kinds of vegetation.

Drawing inspiration from back yards sharing similar conditions to yours (orientation with the sun, desirable and undesirable viewpoints, slopes, vegetation, etc.) is a good way to get realistic ideas.

Bolduc's 2022 brochure and Pinterest account have loads of ideas that might also inspire you.

4. Hire professionals

To guarantee your yard's upgrade project and to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the size of the job, work with professionals who will pay attention to the finest details.

a. Hire a landscape architect or an exterior designer

Why is it so important to have a professional design a landscaping plan? For the same reasons you hire an architect to design your home! These professionals know the applicable regulations, the right materials and the structures needed for a safe and harmonious layout. 

Experts in outdoor environments know how to integrate the elements in your yard for optimal sun exposure and easy circulation. They will find the ideal location for all your furniture and plants. They consider every detail: plumbing, lighting, and many other considerations. They leave nothing to chance.

b. Hire a landscaper to do the work

How do you choose the right landscaper? Begin by defining your project's needs (for example, building a retaining wall requires different technical skills than laying a patio). Next, do some research, explore portfolios and get recommendations. Then contact the landscapers you identified and inquire about their experience with projects similar to yours, their services and guarantees, and their availability. If you already have a plan, they can more easily submit their proposals for your project, and it will be easier to compare them. Once you have this information, you will be primed to select the right landscaper. Consult the article, How to choose your landscaper for more information on the selection process.

We can also connect you with trustworthy designing and landscaping professionals! Just fill out the Find a pro form on our website to get recommendations.


5. Select your materials

The professionals you will have selected will help you make the right choices that fit your needs, budget and desired style. They are experts in slabs, pavers, curbs, fences, and vegetation. On the other hand, if you decide to do the work yourself, you are not alone: Bolduc?s specialists can advise you and connect you with our retailers!

Consult all our resources where you will find blog posts, information request forms, estimator tool, and sources of inspiration to make your project a success.


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Product Advisor

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Download or order and receive the latest free Bolduc catalog which contains the full range of Bolduc products.


Load up on ideas with our 112-page catalog.

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