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5 secrets for an inviting outdoor dining area

May 19, 2020

We are all patiently awaiting the first gorgeous summer days to finally get to enjoy a bit of outdoor fun: happy hours, BBQ's, outdoor dinner parties... so exciting! What's a not-so-secret way to make those memorable moments even more enjoyable? An outdoor area worthy of the occasion! In this article, we're revealing 5 secrets for an inviting outdoor dining area.


1. Choosing the best spot 

Choosing the best spot for your dining area is a crucial step. While at it, you must take into consideration the geographical aspects of your property, the available space and your own preferences: 


  • Geographical aspects : sunshine exposure, winds, proximity to neighbours as well as surrounding noise are all elements that need to be considered when choosing your location. If you prefer a shaded dining area, refrain from choosing a south-facing spot. Otherwise, you can always add a pergola, a sun umbrella or a sunshade. If you feel the need for more privacy, panels, plants, trees and even soundproof walls can help you forget the neighbours or the city noise. If wind is still an obstacle, decorative walls or cedar hedges could prove to be good allies to shelter you from it. 


  • Available space: You like to have people over but you lack space? Consider incorporating a bench to the structure or bar counters for last minute guests. Note that circulation areas of at least 3 feet must be included in your layout to move around freely as well as to ensure everyone's safety when doing so. 


  • Your preferences: the most important thing : listen to your heart! You're the best person to know what fits YOUR wants and needs. For example, if you wish to separate yourself entirely from inside your home when you're enjoying a meal outside, then choose a spot that's further away from the house and invest in a fully functional outdoor kitchen with all its commodities.



2. Creating privacy

A bit of privacy can greatly help turn your dining area into your own little cocoon of relaxation! Decorative panels, walls with adjustable slats, trellises, curtains and plants can help block the sight of curious neighbours all while accentuating the style and ambiance you wish to give to the space. The possibilities are endless!



3. Determine the use of the space

How you plan to use your dining area will play an important role in its layout. 


  • You love to have friends and family over? Make sure you have plenty of space, the right-sized outdoor furniture and additional seating.


  • You like to make your diners last into the night? Provide utility lighting suitable for the space: pendant lights, recessed, wall or even floor lighting. Patio heaters and gas firepits are also essential for cooler evenings. Then, those who are fond of happy hours will surely want a nearby bar area. You get to decide! 


  • Got a passion for outdoor cooking? Turn your outdoor kitchen into a playground for all of your greatest culinary specialties. A host of appliances are available to you in addition to the BBQ: pizza oven, smoker and other accessories! 


  • Always keep maintenance and cleaning in mind when choosing materials or appliances, for example!


4. Dealing with environmental constraints  

You know the outside environment where you live better than anyone. Bugs, direction of the wind, sunshine exposure, chilly nights, inclement weather... Take the necessary precautions to shelter yourself from what could become irritating when enjoying your outdoor meals.





5. Create your dream ambiance! 

Mood and utility lighting are both essential when creating an inviting dining area. Use string lights, dimmable lighting, LEDs with variable colors as well as floor lighting to spice up the space... Be creative! 


Do not hesitate to accessorize with an accent color, a unique material, a carpet under the table, your favorite plants, or even works of art that you have created yourself! This is what will ultimately give the "wow" effect to your design.


There you go! Those were our 5 secrets to create an inviting outdoor dining area. We hope to have given you lots of ideas that will help you design your dream dining space.  


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Download or order and receive the latest free Bolduc catalog which contains the full range of Bolduc products.


Load up on ideas with our 112-page catalog.

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