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6 Tips to Ace Your Landscaping Project

April 20, 2020

If you're anything like us, your landscaping project is a way to turn your dream into reality! No matter the scale, each little detail counts.

Our best advice to ace your landscaping project? Take the time to plan it out! It will reflect exactly what you want, while giving you what you need in the space you have.

Here are some tips to help you get started on your project:

1- Take your time

Not taking your time can lead to making bad choices... we know! Luckily, you can't hurry when it comes to landscaping. Even though we're all excited to enjoy the final result, the project can only begin once the planning is complete.

For starters, book an appointment with an architect/landscape designer for measurements, design development and planning. Some even offer 3D design which can be very useful. Then, book your landscape contractor as quickly as possible, because they often get booked several weeks in advance.

2- Figure out your tastes, needs and budget

Take the time to figure out what you like. Check out as many magazines as possible, search online, go on Pinterest...dream a little! We highly suggest keeping a file with all your expectations and showing your architect/landscape designer. That way, they'll be able to quickly offer up options that you'll like.

You should also consider your needs and your family's needs:

-      Do you like to cook outside?

-      How many people will be sharing the space? What do you each like to do in the space? Do you use it more in the day or at night?

-      Do you enjoy hosting larger groups?

-      Do you have young kids? Do you need storage?

Establishing a realistic budget is paramount. Your needs and tastes have to work with your budget. Your architect/landscape designer will be able to advise you on alternatives to find the perfect medium between your dream and your budget.

3- Get your plans drawn out

Here's a snippet of an article by Alexandra Perron from Le Soleil that explains the importance of having your plans drawn out by a professional: "It may seem expensive to invest in a landscaping plan that includes paving, but it's worth it. [...] You'll quickly get your money back by saving on construction site errors or designs you ended up not liking."

She mentions that "free plans" don't exist anymore, and the ones on the cheaper side "are rarely a good idea." According to her, a plan for the entire yard can run up to $2,500.

Moreover, these plans allow you to get quotes from different people involved in the project and the city's authorization to start the project.


4- Pick a colour story

It's your job to validate the colour scheme and the suggested products provided in the plan made by your architect/landscape designer. We recommend checking the colours on real samples in the environment they'll be used in. You can ask retailers for a sample range. If they don't have, ask if you can visit their showroom.

Tip: Avoid choosing materials and colours on a screen. What we see on phones, tablets and computers doesn't always translate in real life. Touching materials allows you to see if you like the fabric and finishing.


5- Consult with pros

Choosing a professional landscaping team is important. Although you may have some manual labour skills, don't forget that pros know everything there is to know about their field! They're there to avoid any hiccups.

They're held to certain standards and rules that are put in place. Pros also make sure that the different materials are applied properly and according to manufacturing warranty.

6- Consider a progressive project

There's nothing rushing you into finishing the project in one go. You can go phase by phase and therefore spread out the cost. You can also take the time to map out a space that will evolve with you and your family. For example, the play space can one day become the jacuzzi space. The bonfire area for the teens can become a garden or your lounging area.

We hope these tips will help you get started on your landscaping project with confidence! To get started with your landscaping projet, contact us!

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Product Advisor

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Download or order and receive the latest free Bolduc catalog which contains the full range of Bolduc products.


Load up on ideas with our 112-page catalog.

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