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5 must-haves to create a zen vibe in your backyard

September 5, 2019

Stop, think for a minute and imagine yourself relaxing in your backyard. What do see around you? A waterfall, plants, a crackling fire? How relaxing! Indeed, elements such as these can help create a zen vibe that's fit for relaxation. That's why we have compiled a list of 5 must-haves to create the perfect relaxation area in your yard!


1. Soft colours 

Choose materials with soft, neutral and soothing colors such as white, ivory, beige and taupe. Earth tones such as light grey and light brown can also be found in zen gardens. Be careful however not to choose colours that are too dark.  


If you want to add a touch of colour, we recommend going for a light green, especially one with light and neutral undertones because of their calming properties. You can even go for green cushions and decorative accessories or add a bit of greenery to the area. 




2. An ode to simplicity


Straight lines create a minimalist look. Choose concrete products with rectangular shapes such as our Citadin slab (pictured below) and go for a design that is simple, without any extravagant details. 




However, if you prefer a more natural style, our Lotus stone is perfect! Its rounded shapes and natural texture will enhance any relaxation area. 




Dare to mix different materials for your layout! Concrete products and wood go perfectly together. For example, incorporating a parquet made out of treated wood or patches of grass will add a touch of warmth to your decor. 




3. Just add water


The sound of flowing water is so soothing! A waterfall or a cascade will surely relax you. Indeed, water in all its forms will contribute to creating the zen atmosphere you're looking for : pools, cascades, fountains, water gardens or even decorative ponds are all elements that will add a touch of calmness and relaxation to your environnement.  




4. Nature at the heart of your backyard


Recreate nature in your yard! Add flowers, plants, path stones, a garden or even a path interspersed with moss, why not? 




5. Don't forget the fireplace! 


What better way to end a summer day than by sitting next to a cozy fire? Admit it: there's just nothing like a crackling fire for total relaxation. It is simply the perfect addition to your yard to make the most of those summer nights and to extend the fun in the fall. 


Before choosing your fireplace, we recommend that your read up on your municipality's bylaws: some towns require that fire pits be covered. 




Are you feeling inspired? Just relax, close your eyes and imagine your dream backyard! If you need advice on how to recreate a zen vibe in your yard, do not hesitate to ask our designers! Contact us now, while the temperatures outside still allow you to enjoy your new relaxation area.  


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Download the 2023 catalog

Download or order and receive the latest free Bolduc catalog which contains the full range of Bolduc products.


Load up on ideas with our 112-page catalog.

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