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Pavers : Appialock

Pavers : Appialock

Urban and Commercial Collection

Stable and resistant

The Appialock paver is designed for urban space, streets, intersections, cross-walks, parking lots, and storage areas. Its thickness and interlocking system make it the ideal product for high traffic areas.

With its aged appearance and choice of colors, it adds European flair to urban spaces. The Appialock paver is extremely quick to install as edging. Using the edge paver (one straight side) and half-paver makes edging paved surfaces easier and more cost effective.

Advantageous Qualities!
-Provide optimal surface stability with a bidirectional interlocking system (horizontal and vertical)
-Distributes loads over surrounding pavers.
-Eliminates rutting problems.
-Is impossible to remove during demonstrations.
-Withstands freezing and thawing, abrasion and compression.
-Allows for immediate use of pavement following installation.

Consult this product documentationConsult this product documentation

Pavers : Appialock


Limestone Gray Sandstone Beige Terracotta Brown Garnet Red

Geometric characteristics

Nominal Dimensions  (IN.)

3 15/16 x 5 1/2 x 8 11/16 in.
Edge paver (one straight side)
and half-paver also available

Dimensional tolerances
The following dimensional tolerances are permitted under the CSA A231.2 standard :
Length : ± 1/16 in. (-1 mm à 2 mm)
Width :  ± 1/16 in. (-1 mm à 2 mm)
height :  ± 1/8 in. (± 3 mm)
Paver weight: 46.7 lbs/pi2 (228 kg/m2)

Physical characteristics

Compressive strength* : 7250 Psi (50 MPa)

Freeze-thaw resistance with use of de-icing salt* :
Maximum mass loss in a saline solution (NaCl 3%) :
    0.74oz /pi2(225 g/m2) after 28 cycles
    1.64oz /pi2(500 g/m2) after 49 cycles

Water absorption : 5% maximum

Specification article

Include the following article in Part 2 - Products of section 02751 - Prefabricated Concrete Pavers. It permits the specification of Bolduc interlocking pavers as a surface covering and liststhe requirements for geometric and physical characteristics. It also indicates the dimensions and color of the selected interlocking paver.

2.1 Concrete interlocking paver
    1. Concrete interlocking paver compliant with CSA A231.2 standard
        and the following requirements.
    2. Appialock paver supplied by Bolduc :
        1. Thickness : 3 15/16 in.(100 mm)
        2. Nominal dimensions : 5 1/2 x 8 11/16 in. (140 x 220)
        3. Colors : __________________________


* Tests according to CSA A231.2

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Product Advisor

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