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BOLDUC - Pavers, Walls and Steps, Slabs, Curbs

60 ans
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Year after year, Bolduc fashioned new pavers, slabs, walls and steps, borders to allow to create landscaping according to the expectations of each.


60 years of innovation60 years of innovation

Serving you is why we have remained a family business in close contact with clients needs and have grown to be the leader in the landscape product market.

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Enter the intimacy Bolduc and find good facilities color with distinctive charms.

Product Advisor

Product Advisor

Create your project in 4 steps Use our product advisor to select the best slabs, pavers and/or wallstones for your application.

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When looking over the Bolduc Brochure, I decided on natural stones and Prestige slabs. My research was mainly focused on products that would give a contemporary look to my landscaping project. After discussing my ideas with the in-house designer, the final concept was born. I am completely satisfied with the selected products.
Mme Lessard,

With their rich palette of colours and consistent Grenart finish, the Bolduc Avenue pavers were just right for our needs. For a park like Lansdowne, with hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors a year, the product had to be high-quality, durable and blend in well with the environment.
Jeffrey Staates, architect,
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