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7 steps to have a successful landscaping

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To plan your landscaping project, you need to have on hand at the outset certain information to avoid many disappointments and additional fees.

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Take advantage of these tips to have a successful landscaping.

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BOLDUC - Pavers, Walls and Steps, Slabs, Curbs

60 ans
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Year after year, Bolduc fashioned new pavers, slabs, walls and steps, borders to allow to create landscaping according to the expectations of each.

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60 years of innovation60 years of innovation

Serving you is why we have remained a family business in close contact with clients needs and have grown to be the leader in the landscape product market.

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Enter the intimacy Bolduc and find good facilities color with distinctive charms.

Product Advisor

Product Advisor

Create your project in 4 steps Use our product advisor to select the best slabs, pavers and/or wallstones for your application.

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Also, with warmer winters, stairs and walkways are frozen over more often than ever. Find out what you should do here

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When looking over the Bolduc Brochure, I decided on natural stones and Prestige slabs. My research was mainly focused on products that would give a contemporary look to my landscaping project. After discussing my ideas with the in-house designer, the final concept was born. I am completely satisfied with the selected products.
Mme Lessard,